Monday, December 04, 2006

Dylan's Finest Performances of 2006

Over at the Dylanpool stefan has started one of his incredible threads chronicling Dylan's finest performances of the year. With 3-4 songs presented a day though, it becomes easy to fall behind if you miss a day or two. Moreover, links expire and you have to search way back to find what came when. And heaven help you if the song you're looking for was one of stefan's personal picks, cause finding the thread title won't help you locate the song.

So I'm going to keep a running list of the mp3's, ordered chronologically, for easy reference. I'll try to keep all the links up-to-date, so let me know if one stops working. A * next to the name means it is one poolers chose; the others are stefan's. Enjoy.

The nominations thread:,705207
The finalists thread:,707976
The voting thread:,722958
The winners:,730919

And the mp3's (last edited 12/26):

Reno 4/1
Tears of Rage
Stockton 4/3
She Belongs to Me *
High Water (for Charlie Patton) *
Bakersfield 4/5
Shooting Star
Las Vegas 4/7
It Ain't Me, Babe
Love Sick
Sun City West 4/8
Mr. Tambourine Man *
This Wheel's on Fire *
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol *
God Knows
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Albuquerque 4/11
Things Have Changed
Cold Irons Bound
El Paso 4/12
Queen Jane Approximately
Grand Prarie 4/15
Queen Jane Approximately
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
Springfield 4/22
Ballad of a Thin Man *
Memphis 4/25
Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I'll Go Mine)
New Orleans 4/28
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
Birmingham 4/30
Visions of Johanna
Atlanta 5/5
Positively 4th Street
Cork 6/25
Just Like a Woman *
Cardiff 6/27
Love Sick
Summer Days
Gelsenkirchen 7/2
Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) *
Vallodalid 7/8
Down Along the Cove
Roskilde 7/10
This Wheel's on Fire
Paestum 7/12
Desolation Row *
Comstock Park 8/12
Shelter from the Storm
Columbus 8/13
New Morning
Shelter from the Storm *
Winston-Salem 8/18
Honest With Me
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall *
Reading 8/23
You Ain't Going Nowhere

Pawtucket 8/24
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Pittsfield 8/24
Million Miles
New Britain 8/29
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Rochester 8/30
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
Wappingers Falls 9/1
The Man in Me
Not Dark Yet *
Cooperstown 9/2
My Back Pages
Fargo 9/9
Lay Lady Lay
Seattle 10/13
Highway 61 Revisited
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Portland 10/14
Tombstone Blues
Workingman's Blues #2
San Francisco 10/16
Lenny Bruce *
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
San Francisco 10/17
Simple Twist of Fate
Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I'll Go Mine)
Los Angeles 10/20
When the Deal Goes Down
Tangled Up in Blue
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Long Beach 10/21
Nettie Moore
San Diego 10/22
Sugar Baby
Lincoln 10/25
Ballad of a Thin Man
Chicago 10/27
Boots of Spanish Leather
Chicago 10/28
Ballad of Hollis Brown *
Joey *
St. Paul 10/29
Masters of War
Madison 10/31
John Brown
Watching the River Flow
Workingman's Blue #2 *
Blind Willie McTell *
Auburn Hills 11/2
Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
Visions of Johanna
Til' I Fell in Love With You
London 11/3
Not Dark Yet
Montreal 11/8

Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)

Girl of the North Country
Portland 11/9
Desolation Row
Boston 11/11
Maggie's Farm
Boston 11/12
Absolutely Sweet Marie
Honest With Me
Til' I Fell in Love With You *
Cold Irons Bound *
Amherst 11/15
Cold Irons Bound
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) *
Lenny Bruce
East Rutherford 11/16
Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
Things Have Changed *
Simple Twist of Fate *
Fairfax 11/17
Spirit on the Water *
Nettie Moore *
Philadelphia 11/18
The Levee's Gonna Break
High Water (for Charlie Patton)
To Ramona
New York City 11/20
Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
Spirit on the Water
Ain't Talkin' *
Thunder on the Mountain *
Like a Rolling Stone *


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Two problems I encountered. The Stockton, She Belongs to Me file says it is "corrupted" and the download for the Paestrum Desolation Row says it is the Portland Nov/9, and it is. But everything else sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks too
"She Belongs to Me" : same problem

St├ęphane (

Ray said...

Thanks for the heads-up. They're fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Yep !
Thanks :)


Adam Selzer said...

The East Rutherford THC was one for the ages.

Magdalena Studios said...

Thanks so much for these.
There is some gorgeous Bob here.

Things have changed is ... whoa! lol.

Desolation Row. Yowza.

the only problem Ihad was "honest with Me" wasn't there. I think it was another Hattie Carol" song.

Great stuff. Again, Thanks.

Ray said...

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up

desolation pooler said...

how come dylan in 2006 would be able to deliver a "fine" performance? just curious

peanutfiend said...

Just read this, so didn't comment before, but it's cool that so many others have.

horses said...

wow! just stumbled onto this and wanted to say thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ray. I love you. You rock.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the tracks. I'm shocked by some of the omissions (R&T from LA and Tangled from Madison), but I didn't vote so I shouldn't talk.

Matt said...

Wow, thanks so much for having all of these available here, Ray! I discovered the page yesterday, and having been in the hospital for the last month and a half, I was really glad I didn't end up having to miss out on this "finest performances" series. I've encountered one problem so far, though. Springfield 4/22 "Ballad of a Thin Man" is, for me at least, an incomplete file. I tried it twice but can only get the first 4 minutes of the song.

Matt said...

I just discovered another file that has something wrong with it: Atlanta 5/5 "Positively 4th Street". The file downloads completely, but the length is 0:00; in other words, it's a blank file, for some reason.

Ray said...

Ballad of a Thin Man works fine for me, but here's another link for it. Maybe that'll help:

As for Positively 4th Street, I'm getting the same problem, so I'll try to get another upload:

Hope those work out for you.

Tom van Veen said...

What a wonderful treasure. Thanks for all the effort.

Matt said...

Thanks for fixing those two links, Ray! I'm having problems with a couple of others, unfortunately: Montreal 9/8
Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) is incorrectly dated, of course, the correct date being 11/8, I assume. That mistake was easy enough to figure out. Anyway, the major problem is that this sendspace link is expired. I tried the link three times.
Also, Portland 11/9
Desolation Row. The link seems to be expired. At least I can't get to it. I've never used gigasize before.

Matt said...

Boston 11/12
Absolutely Sweet Marie
Honest With Me

These sendspace links are also expired, unfortunately. Damn, I've never before run into the problem of a sendspace link having expired. If you could re-upload the four I've mentioned in these last two posts when you get a chance, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Matt said...

I'm really sorry to be such a pain in the ass, Ray, but I just realized that the new link for "Positively 4th Street" from 5/5/06 is a direct link to the mp3, but is non-clickable. Unfortunately, I need a clickable link to download it by choosing "Save Target As".

Ray said...

All fixed, thanks for the heads-up.

I'm not sure what the problem is with 4th Street though. With it, as with all the eocfu links, you have to right click (or control-click on a mac) and go to Save As. Hope that works; it does for me.

Matt said...

Thanks, Ray, for fixing all the links. I'm just starting to download "Positively 4th Street". I realized that my problem with that link was just due to my own stupidity. Hopefully I won't have any problems with anything else.

Matt said...

Amherst 11/15:
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) *
Lenny Bruce

These two are screwed up. Ugh. "She Acts Like We Never Have Met" is actually a repeat of St. Paul 10/29 "Masters of War". Also, for some reason, the "Lenny Bruce" mp3 won't download for me. Could you please reupload these two when you get a chance, Ray? I have downloaded everything else, so this is the last "problem post" you'll get from me. About time... LOL! Thanks again for making all of these great performances available for so long, Ray! I've really been enjoying listening to them!

Ray said...

Fixed, hopefully. Glad you enjoyed them!

'Lil Joey G said...

Sorry so many had problems. I had to use a time consuming "back door" out of Quick Time. The thing is -- these pieces of musical history are sooo worth doing whatever it takes. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

novembersnews said...

Would it be possible to combine the best of 2006 songs in one download - cause i'd like to listen to them all - others may too. Or is it too much bother?

Anonymous said...

thanks for all these songs.

do you think you could update the link to "lenny bruce" from amherst? right now i think it links to "hattie carroll."

thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these great tunes!

Unfortunately, the 7/12 Paestum performance of "Desolation Row" is no longer working.

Anyway to fix it?

Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

Oops, looks like a few more links have stopped working:
7/12 desolation row
10/13 highway 61
10/14 tombstone blues
10/16 lenny bruce
10/17 most likely you'll go
10/20 it's all right ma
10/21 nettie moore
10/25 ballad of a thin man
10/28 ballad of hollis brown

thanks again for all the great music!

andrew! said...

Thanks for hosting these, Ray. Excellent site.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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