Friday, October 20, 2006

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Live in Fort Lauderdale 1984

In honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Weird Al's first television appearance (brought to my attention by the very good article about it at, I'm posting this very very early concert recording, by far the earliest in existence. But first, let's see a few videos (if you just want to get the concert, just scroll down!). Starting with...the television appearance this post is commemorating, from "The Tomorrow Show with Tom Synder" in 1981.
"Another One Rides the Bus"

Al is also, of course, know for his music videos, so let's see some early ones. First up, the first video (never officially released):

"My Bologna"

The typical Weird Al video is, shall we say, a lot funnier, so here's the first official one.

"Hey Ricky"

And one more, just because I love Weird Al videos. This is one of the few videos that was not done to a parody song, but rather an original. It's a style-parody of Devo though.

"Dare to Be Stupid"

And now...on to the concert. This is a show he did at the "Summer on the Beach" festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL on May 17th, 1984. His first two albums were finished and he was beginning to get a following. Live performances this good certainly helped a lot. The recording is soundboard, and very good quality. Check it out if you're at all a fan; it doesn't get more vintage than this.

“Weird Al” Yankovic
Summer at the Beach
Fort Lauderdale, FL

1. Introduction by local DJ’s
2. The Brady Bunch
3. Intro to Buckingham Blues
4. Buckingham Blues
5. Polkas on 45
6. [Drum Solo]
7. I Lost on Jeopardy
8. Buy Me a Condo

9. Audience Inspiration Song
10. Yoda
11. [Guitar Solo]
12. Stop Dragging My Car Around
13. [Audience Participation]
14. Mr. Popeil
15. King of Suede
16. [Bass Solo]
17. Midnight Star
18. It’s Still Billy Joel to Me
19-29. Food Medley

-Theme From Rocky XIII
-Flatbush Ave.
-Feel Like Throwing Up
-Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
-Take the L out of Liver
-My Bologna
-Whole Lotta Lunch
-We Got the Beef
30. Nature Trail to Hell
31. Eat It

32. If I Could Make Love to a Bottle
33. I Love Rocky Road
34. Another One Rides the Bus



Anonymous said...

wow, the show was SO good! thanks for having it up for download! probably the best WAY bootleg I've ever heard. then again, it's one of the ONLY WAY bootleg I've ever heard. :D

Anonymous said...

this is a great post more if you have them

Ralle said...

Please, Please post more Weird Al bootlegs!