Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yesterday Is Here: Tom Waits Covers Vol. 1

Tom Waits is a covered far more than name-familiarity with the average person would suggest. Indeed, the covers of his songs are invariably more famous than the originals. A long list of A-listers have had hits with Tom's songs, including The Eagles, Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Seger. But there are plenty of Tom Waits covers you won't find on iTunes, the thousands that have been played live, but never released. This series is an attempt to give some of those covers wider-circulation, some by famous artists, others by obscure ones.

Volume one features both, with Cold War Kids and Joan Baez rubbing shoulders with Josh Ritter and Giant Sand. Of special interest are the incredible bluegrass take on Cold Water, the rocked-out Yesterday Is Here, and the piano stomp Dirt in the Ground.

Download the full set of mp3's at the bottom, or individually. The full set links should last longer than the individual ones. All available in lossless format at DimeaDozen.

If you have any suggestions for further volumes, let me know!

Yesterday Is Here: Tom Waits Covers Volume 1
Various Artists
a the3penguins compilation

1. Blind Boys of Alabama - Way Down in the Hole (Waterfront Blues Festival Portland OR 7/5/07) DOWNLOAD
2. Patrick Dennis and Atom Orr - Goin Out West (Twiggs Green Room San Diego CA 3/26/07) DOWNLOAD
3. Cold War Kids - Dirt in the Ground (First Unitarian Church Philadelphia 3/29 /07) DOWNLOAD
4. Giant Sand - Ol' 55 (KFZ Marburg Germany 2/3/96) DOWNLOAD
5. Railroad Earth - Cold Water (The Palms Winters CA 1/20/96) DOWNLOAD
6. Rod Stewart - Downtown Train (Madison Square Garden New York NY 10/3/98) DOWNLOAD
7. Gurf Morlix - Come On Up to the House (Thumbs Up Yokohama Japan 4/30/07) DOWNLOAD
8. Beat Farmers - Rosie (The Caralyst Santa Cruz CA 6/19/87) DOWNLOAD
9. Holly Cole - Heart of Saturday Night (KCRW Morning Becomes Electric Santa Monica CA 10/9/95) DOWNLOAD
10. Dig the Particulars - Yesterday Is Here (Fremont Oktoberfest Seattle WA 9/22/06) DOWNLOAD
11. The Great Lake Swimmers - Innocent When You Dream (AB Club Brussels Belgium 10/8/05) DOWNLOAD
12. Domestic Problems - Better Off Without a Wife (The Intersection Grand Rapids MI 4/30/07) DOWNLOAD
13. Southside Johnny - Gin-Soaked Boy (Tower City Amphitheater Cleveland OH 5/26/07) DOWNLOAD
14. Moxy Fruvous - Walking Spanish (The Iron Horse Northampton MA 10/31/98) DOWNLOAD
15. Pat Guadagno - Long Way Home (Sugar Shack Highlands NJ 9/3/07) DOWNLOAD
16. Joan Baez - Day After Tomorrow (Burg Abenberg Abenberg Germany 7/14/07) DOWNLOAD
17. Josh Ritter - Johnsburg Illinois (Park West Chicago IL 2/11/07) DOWNLOAD
Total time: 1:09:26

The Full Set On Rapidshare Download


Anonymous said...

I don't know if theres anywhere to get a recording of it, but Dan Hicks does a great version of The Piano's been drinking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 3Penguins! I look forward to Volume 2.